Descendientes de J. Palacios

In 1998, Álvaro Palacios and his nephew Ricardo Pérez turned their attention to the region of Bierzo, actively searching for old vines located in steep slopes at high altitudes. They found the greatest potential in a little town named Corullón; here, old vineyards line precipitous hillsides, and soils are extremely poor, but with incredible diversity, reminding the two of Burgundy or Piemonte. From the beginning, Pérez embraced biodynamic viticulture as a means to craft the wines of his dreams, with a passion for highlighting terroir. The effort required is extraordinary, yet Pérez believes it yields wines with more balance and transparency. Five remarkable wines are the result of this work, with their biggest star the Pétalos del Bierzo, an entry-level or “regional wine”.