Álvaro Palacios

Considered one of the most sensational winemakers in Spain and one of the best in the world, Álvaro Palacios has revolutionised the viticultural landscape of Priorat, Catalonia. After studying oenology in Bordeaux and working at the legendary Château Pétrus, Palacios was destined to take over the family vineyard – until, in 1989, his intuition led him to embark on a new adventure. He settled in Gratallops, a small village in the steep hills of the remote Priorat region Here, the vineyards are planted on dramatic, terraced hillsides, making mechanical work impossible – mules and horses must be used instead. Palacios initiated a modern renaissance of this forgotten wine region by producing “L’Ermita”, a wine which has become a true symbol of Priorat around the world.