Tenuta Sant’Antonio

The story of these four brothers began with their father, Antonio, who owned some 20 hectares of vineyard in the countryside of San Zeno di Colognola ai Colli and founded the local cooperative, Cantina Sociale. In 1989, Antonio’s sons decided to strike out from the family vineyards and purchased an additional 30 hectares in Mezzane. This high ridge between two river valleys is known as Monti Garbi, meaning rugged or harsh, and these poor, chalky soils turned out to be ideal for one thing only: the Corvinone grape, the backbone of their Valpolicella and Amarone. The Castagnedis began laying the foundation for what would become an estate known throughout the world as a producer of excellent wines, with over 100 farmed hectares and a state-of-the-art ageing facility.